Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Workday Wednesday - McKeesport Tin Plate Co.

Seibert W Johnston, born 27 September 1908, married Lillie Marie Gafvert on 20 April 1927 at age 18.  He worked for McKeesport Tin Plate Company.  His payroll badge is in a tin frame which doesn't show well in this photocopy.  Note the badge lists his age as 20 and the date - 4 days after his wedding.

McKeesport Tin Plate Co.
Pay Roll No. 4029
Seibert Johnston
Nationality:  American; Age 20
Height 5-9; Weight 136; Color Hair Li; Color Eyes Bl
Signed:  Seibert W Johnston
H.M. 4/24/27

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