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Edith Caroline (Dillon) Folger

Excerpts from History of Dillon, Fletcher, and Kindred Families by Henry Dillon; Feb. 23, 1909; pages 30, 31.] []
Labon, oldest of the children of this family, married Jane Holiday, born April 27, 1808, died April 24, 1849, and they had four children, as follows:

      Elizabeth Ellen - born April 19, 1833, died April 13, 1914, married James Anderson
      Sarah - died young
     {Robert Edmund - born January 1, 1837, died October 1908, married Julia Cully
     {Caroline Edith - born January 1, 1837, married Uriah Folger

Caroline Edith, twin sister to Robert Edmund Dillon, lived mostly with the Dillon family till she grew up:  made her home at my father's (Solomon Dillon) for about four years and was married from there to Uriah Folger.  He owned eighty acres of land in the edge of Edgar Co., Illinois, to which they soon moved.  They were getting nicely started when on a hot day in harvest he had a sun stroke and, though he lived to be over seventy, he could never stand the sun or work to heat himself up.  He sold the eighty acres and bought a small place adjoining Ridge Farm where he lived till they were both growing old.  Then sold and moved six miles west where he bought fifty acres in the timber, poor land.  Here he died in a few years.  This land Caroline sold and now owns a home in Vermilion Grove and is fixed very comfortable. They had no family.

1840 Federal Census - haven't located the widowed Jane Dillon with her three children.

April 24, 1849 - Death of Edith's mother, Jane (Holiday) Dillon.  The three surviving children were separated and lived with different families.

1850 Federal Census - District 19, Edgar Co, Illinois
Mary A Pugh, 31, female, born Orange Co, Indiana; Samuel Pugh, 3, male, born Edgar Co, Illinois; Ruth Holaday, 25, female, born Orange Co, Indiana; and Caroline Dillon, 13, female, born Park Co, Indiana.

1852 - Edith's unity with Quakers at age 15 (per biographical sketch below).

November 10, 1858 - Marriage of Edith C Dillon and Uriah Folger.

1860 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois, Post Office - Ridge Farm, Ill.
Uriah Folger, 26, Real Estate valued at $350.00, born in Illinois
Edith Folger, 23, born in Indiana

June 1863 - Civil War Draft Registration Records, 1863-1865.  Uriah Folger, age 29, farmer, married, born in Illinois was registered in the 7th Congressional District including Twp. of Elwood, Vermilion Co, Illinois.

January 1864 - IRS Tax Assessment Lists.  District 15 of Collection District 7:
on Jan. 23rd - Uriah Folger of Elwood Twp., Quantity: 10 hogs slaughtered.  Rate 6, Class C.  Class C enumerated articles .60.  Total Amount Tax Due - $0.60

1870 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois, Post Office - Ridge Farm, Ill.
Uriah Folger, 36, farmer, Real Estate valued at $2,400. and Personal Property valued at $1000. b. IL
Edith Folger, 33, keeping house, born in Indiana
Almira Dubree, 11, born in Illinois, attended school.

1880 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois.
Uriah Folger, 46, married, retired farmer, born in IL, Father born in NC, Mother born in Mass.
Edith C Folger, wife, 43, Keeping house, born in IN, Father born in NC, Mother born in TN.
Horace G Dubree, adopted, 7, born in IL, Father born in IN, Mother born in IL.

1900 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois.
Uriah Folger, born Apr. 1834, age 66, married for 41 years, born IL, father born NC, Mother born NY

Edith C Folger, wife, born Jan 1837, age 63, married for 41 years, no children born, born in IN, father   born in TN, mother born in NC

April 29, 1905 - Uriah Folger died.  Buried at Pilot Grove Cemetery, Ridge Farm, Vermilion Co., IL

1910 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois.
Edith C. Folger, age 73, widowed, born in IN, father born in TN, mother born in IN.

1920 Federal Census in Elwood Twp, Vermilion County, Illinois.
Edith C. Folger, age 83, widowed, born in IN, father born in IN, mother born in IL, owns unmortgaged farm.

April 10, 1924 - Edith Caroline Folger, daughter of Laban Dillon and Holaday, spouse of Unol Folger, died at age of 87 years.  Burial at Pilot Grove Cemetery, Ridge Farm, Vermilion Co., IL

A portrait of Uriah Folger and his family -
Portrait and Biographical Album of Vermilion County, Illinois (Published in Chicago by Chapman Brothers, 1889), p.581-582
     ELDER URIAH FOLGER.  There is no other religious organization that embraces a greater number of consistent, true and devout Christians than that of the Friends' Church.  It is proverbial that the people of this denomination have done more to inculoate simple honesty than any other of equal numbers.  When William Penn came to this country the natives had possession of the most of it, and they were distrustful of the whites.  They had been deceived and stadiously imposed upon and had come to think that all white men were bad.  But when this simple Quake told them what he would do they believed him, for the sect to which he belonged was known to them as people incapable of deception.  A treaty was made, based upon the honor of the great founder of Pennsylvania, and its provisions were religiously kept.  It is a lamentable fact that before that time the contracts made with the Indians were drawn up with a view of being broken.  Thus the Quakers were largely instrumental in settling the difficulties that existed between the whites and the Indians, and the foundation for a great State were therefore laid.  All honor to the Society of Friends.
     Uriah Folger is an Elder in the Friends' Church and a typical Quaker.  He was born in Elwood Township April 23, 1834.  His father, Asa, a native of North Carolina, came to this county in 1831, settling in the Elwood neighborhood.  He carried on the business of tanning and shoemaking for many years, and did the work for the settlers who lived for miles around.  He employed at times four or five men, and as a business man he prospered.  He was one of the best of men.  His wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Uriah Starbuck.  This worthy couple were the parents of ten children:  Walter, Erasmus, Matilda Haworth, Lydia, John, Mary, Sarah, Rachel and Thomas.  Thomas, the youngest, is forty-nine years old.  The father and mother died in 1850 and 1880 respectively.
     Uriah Folger received his primary education at the common schools, and later he attended the Bloomingdale Academy, where he studied under Prof. Hobbs.  He was an apt scholar and therefore received a good education.  On Nov. 10, 1858, he was married to Edith C. Dillon, daughter of Laban and Jane (Holliday) Dillon, both deceased.  The former died when Edith was an infant, while the mother passed away in 1859.  This worthy couple had many traits of character that endeared them to their neighbors, and their death was mourned by all their acquaintances.  Mr. and Mrs. Folger never had any children.  He owns twenty acres of land in Elwood Township and 640 acres in Crosby County, Tex., and also a town lot in Marriette, Tex.
     Mr. Folger was reared in the faith of the Quaker Church, while his wife united with that most excellent denomination at the age of fifteen years.  He is an exhorter of considerable note in his church, and devotes the most of his time to that work.  He is eminently successful in his labors to make the world better, and those who know him best are his most ardent admirers.  Mr. and Mrs. Folger never weary in doing good, and the respect in which they are held by their neighbors is well earned.
[Jane Holiday Dillon died in 1849, not 1859 as stated above.]

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