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Dawson-Cleveland Family History (1971) by Mary Lossing

Typed, and distributed to extended family, in December 1971, Mary (Swearingen) Lossing shared her research on the William Wesley Dawson and Nancy Cleveland family in a 15 page document which is priceless. 

The transcription of page 2 -

Beginning here is the earliest positive proof we have of our DAWSON & CLEVELAND ANCESTORS.

Early Marriage Records or Bonds of GREENE COUNTY, TENNESSEE.
WILLIAM WESLEY DAWSON & NANCY CLEVELAND. 9-23-1800.  Security - Thomas Palmer & John Kennedy.  Our Family Record gives the date of their Marriage as, OCTOBER 25, 1800.

We do not know the date of birth of William Wesley Dawson.
In the 1850 census of Edgar County Illinois, he was listed age 90, born in Tennessee, living in the home of his son, Thomas Lewis Dawson.  That would place his birth as around 1760.  (Ages in the census are sometimes correct, and sometimes not.)  His tombstone in "Old Moorefield Cemetery" (south of Raven, Illinois) inscription says:  Born around 1770.  So apparently no one knows the date of his birth.  Since some of his descendants have also lived to ages around 90 or more, his age in the 1850 census as 90, could be pretty close.  He died March 8, 1855 (age approximately 95) at the home of his son, Thomas Lewis Dawson, North of Raven, Illinois.  He died before the 1855 census, so nothing can be found there.  Nancy Cleveland was born October 10, 1781.  She died August 27, 1845.  At the time of her death, they lived southwest of Dana, Indiana, on the new road 36, between the railroad & the Ind. & Illinois state line.  She walked from her home up to the home of her son Thomas Lewis Dawson & his wife Rebecca Taylor, North of Raven, Ill. on the old road 36.  While walking through the tall grass & weeds, she was bitten by a rattlesnake & died.
In the 1880 census of Edgar County Illinois, Thomas Lewis Dawson, head of the household, lists both of his parents as born in Tennessee.
      Tennessee became a state in 1796, so at the time of birth of both William Wesley Dawson & Nancy Cleveland, they would have been born in that part of North Carolina, which later became Tennessee.  We know they were married in Greene County, Tennessee.  After their marriage, they settled in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.  As far as I know all of their children were born at this place.  I have no proof of the time they came to this place or when they left.
WILLIAM WESLEY DAWSON, b. around 1760.  d. March 8, 1855. (age 95)
Nancy Cleveland,                    b. Oct.10, 1781. d. Aug. 27, 1845. (age 63 years, 10 mo. 17 days.)
Married Oct. 25, 1800.  Greene County, Tennessee.
Their children born in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.
1.  John         Dawson, born  Aug. 27, 1801. M. May 18, 1835, to Rebecca Jane Sterns.
                                                                                       (Marriage record, Vermillion Co, Indiana.
2. William             "          "     Sept. 26, 1803. M. Sept.27,1832, to Sarah Green (Greer)
                                                                                       (Marriage record Vermillion Co. Indiana.
                                                                                        He died Dec.30, 1887. (age 85)
3. Benjamin          "          "     March 18, 1805. M. Sept.9, 1830, to Sarah Elliott.  Ver.Co.Ind.
                                                                                        He died May 26, 1872. (age 67)
4. Fanny               "          "     Aug. 7, 1807.
5. Jane                 "          "     Dec. 17, 1809. M. Nov.27, 1828, Vermillion Co.Indiana, to:
                                                                                        John Peer. (Had 9 children)
6. Jesse               "          "     June 15, 1812. M. April 18, 1839, to Jemima Lindsey. Ver.Co.
7. Thomas Lewis "          "     Oct. 14, 1816. M. Feb. 11, 1841, to: Rebecca Taylor. Illinois
                                                                                        He died Dec.15, 1889. Scottland, Illinois.
8. Joseph             "         "      Sept. 28, 1818.
9. Charles Hardin "        "       Mar. 8, 1821. M. Aug. 29, 1845. to: Elizabeth Digby. Ver.Co.
                                                                                        They lived Eugene, Indiana.
                                                                                        He died Oct.26,1863 in Civil War.
Note * Notice Jane Dawson was married Nov. 27, 1828 in Vermillion County, Indiana.  This is the earliest date we have of them being in Indiana.

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  1. Thank you! I just printed off the info for my Great-Grandparents: Carles Hardin Dawson and Elizabeth Digby-Dawson. Some time back my cousin Marilynn sent me this info from you.
    Thanks much,

    Helen Morley-Fried