Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Knut and Wendla Gafvert

After a visit the McKeesport-Versailles Cemetery I drove up O'Neil Blvd.  I found the home of my great-grandparents, Knut and Wendla Gafvert.  My Uncle Ken and Aunt Doris were born there at 1110 O'Neil Blvd.  Tried to find 1919 Butler Street where my father was born, but the block was an empty field.

Then, I drove along 5th Ave, McKeesport, PA.  The Johnston's Maytag Store was located at 1013 5th Ave.  The "Warehouse" Building is #1003.  The 2 story red brick building is #1017.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who are Christina Nelson's parents?

I recently discovered a hint to a 3g-grandmother's family.  Christina Nelson has been one of my brick walls.  Who are Christina's parents and siblings?
Irvin and Christina (Nelson) Johnston had 5 children survive to adulthood:  William Alfred, John Wesley, Thomas Franklin, Henry Howard, and Mary Malissa (Mollie).  Christina Nelson was born 7 May 1825 and died in Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania on 22 Nov 1895.
Mollie married William H. Baumgardner on 18 Mar 1879.  Her marriage occurred between the death of her father on 29 Nov 1878 -
"Irvin Johnston of the township of West in the county of Huntingdon… To my beloved wife Tiney Johnston, all my household furniture that is now in my house and in my possession, also my horse, carriage and carriage harness, two cows, three young cattle, six heads of hogs and three hundred dollars of money out of the sale of my personal property…Executors will lease my farm on which I now live for the sum of three years after my decease and then put it to sale.  My wife Tena Johnston to remain in the house until the expiration of the lease…bequeth to my wife Tenay Johnston five hundred dollars out of the sale of the farm to be invested in a homestead…I do hereby bequeath to my son Wesley Johnston three hundred dollars…the balance of my money…shall be equally divided between the following names heirs:  Alfred Johnston, Wesley Johnston, Franklin Johnston, Howard Johnston, and Molley Johnston, my five children" - 
- and the recording of the completed Executor's report in 1881 -
"Irvin Johnston’s five children, as listed, W. A. Johnston, T. F. Johnston, Howard Johnston, J. Wesley Johnston, and Mary M. Baumgardner."
 Mollie and William H. Baumgardner lived in Fulton Co, PA and had 3 children:  Maude, Harry, and Paul.
Through an online digital newspaper website, I found the following article from the Bedford Gazette, Bedford, PA; Friday, Jan. 3, 1903:
 The Hon. and Mrs. John Nelson, of Cessna, celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with a party of Tuesday, December 30, 1902.  Judge Nelson was born at Spring Mill, Centre Co., Pennsylvania on June 9, 1821.  His father was a tailor.  In 1840 Judge Nelson moved to Neff's Mills, Huntingdon Co.
Among the guests celebrating was "Mrs. Mollie Baumgardner, Wells Tannery, niece to Judge Nelson, and her daughter Maud".
Just might need to visit my alma mater for a few days to research in Centre Co, Pennsylvania!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Death of John L. Spring, 1871

John L. Spring, my 4xgreat-grandfather, was born in Massachusetts on 12 February 1794.  He has been the subject of several posts:  Nov. 14, 2011 - his will from Vigo Co, Indiana admitted to Probate 3 January 1872; Nov. 15, 2011 - my known info on John; and Nov. 17, 2011 - Family Group Sheet with both his wives.

Today, on Newspaper Archive, I found several items related to John's death, at age 77.  Originally, it was thought he was a victim of murder. 

Discovered on Christmas morning, died of natural causes.
Misreported John's last name, included a possible motive for murder -which previously was reported in error.