Saturday, February 14, 2015

John B. Hardin's Death

The  widely, unsourced, year of death for John B. Hardin is 1882 in Indiana.  I have found an newspaper article that conflicts with the 1882 death date.

John's daughter, Sarah Stoner, who lived with him in 1870 [Bethlehem Twp., Clark Co., Indiana], was enumerated with her son, James W. Stoner's family in Scott Co., Indiana on 5 June 1880.

In the 16 December 1880 issue of the Jeffersonville Daily Evening News, Thomas Harden and his wife sell 60-100 acres to Sarah Stoner, who immediately sells the same acreage to A. Hardeman. The land was described as pt. of n.w. qr. sect. 12, t. 1,. m. rge. 9 e. 42, 60-100 acrews, $150.

My next research item is to follow the land transfers to establish the history of that parcel of land that was transferred the week ending December 11, 1880.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Generations, 1870 - John B. Hardin, Sarah Stoner, Lydia Harrison

1870 Federal Census
Bethlehem Twp., Clark Co., Indiana
Dwelling/Family #142 and 143 contain three generations of my family:  4xGreat-Grandfather John B. Hardin, his daughter, my 3xGreat-Grandmother, Sarah Stoner, and his granddaughter, my 2xGreat-Grandmother, Lydia Harrison.

John B. Hardin is 81 years old. His widowed daughter Sarah Stoner is keeping the house for her father and her four youngest children, Thomas, James W., Ursula, and Joseph A. Stoner.  Sarah's husband Andrew James Stoner died 21 May 1864 in Nashville, Tennessee while serving in the Union Army.   Also living in the household is John's son Thomas Hardin.  I presume Joseph H. Hardin is John B. Hardin's grandson but I don't think he is Thomas Hardin's son.  Possibly, Joseph H. Hardin, age 8, is the son of John B. Hardin's son, Joseph, born About 1828.

The following enumerated family is William Henry Harrison and his wife Lydia (Stoner) Harrison.  Lydia is the daughter of Andrew James and Sarah (Hardin) Stoner.  The three children listed are Andrew, Sarah, and Malinda.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Poetry by Opal Grindstaff McGuire

My maternal great-aunt, Opal Evelyn (Grindstaff) McGuire was a poet.  She has three poems published in The Spring Anthology 1938 published by The Mitre Press, London.  My copy of this Anthology was a gift from Opal to her mother, Anna Belle (Harrison) Hoffert.  The first poem The Tinker was inspired by Opal's son, Alvin.  Betty was written about my grandmother, Opal's younger sister, who was living in Brown's Mills, New Jersey.

To My Mother
Christmas 1938
Life gives us but the empty hours.
Love, gives the blossoming of flowers.
To live, the blossoms need the dew
And my life needs the love of you.
Opal McGuire

She lives simply in her northern woods,
Each peaceful hour,
Until her life seems quite a part of them.
Unlike a flower,
That, with the blush of dawn awakens
To blossom fair;
Bright shades the tender bud of life
Held dormant there;
But as a violet blooming by a brook,
Sweet and serene,
Womanly, motherly in her grace,
A reigning queen.

Opal McGuire

Opal (Grindstaff) McGuire

Friday, January 9, 2015

Johannes "John" Rodenberger's Will

When I was in Brazil, Indiana visiting the Clay Co. Courthouse in 2010, I transcribed Johannes "John" Rodenberger's will dated 10 May 1869.  It was recorded on 31 October 1870, several days after John's death on 22 Oct 1870.

Johannes, at birth, John by 1820 in Ohio, was my 5th great-grandfather.  I have made several posts regarding him:  Dec. 11, 2011 his obituary; Sept. 20, 2011 his burial site; and Aug 28, 2013 when I found the burial location of his first wife Elizabeth.
                                Will Book 1 (1848-1876), Page 262

In the name of God Amen.  I John Rodenberger of Clay County Indiana a being in good bodify health and of sound mind and memory calling to mind the frailty and uncertainty of human life and being desirous of settling my worldly affairs and directing how the estate with which it has pleased God to blefs me shall be disposed of after my decease while I have strength and capacity So to do, do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking and making null and void all other wills and testaments by me heretofore made.

                First – I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Catharine Rodenbarger to be sole executrix of this my last will and testament and direct her to pay all my just debts and my funeral expenses out of my personal estate as soon after my death as she conveniently can.

                Second.  It is my will that without any inventory appraisement or sale of my real or personal estate and without letters of execution or other liability or accountability to any party or parties whomsoever except as above directed that my said wife Catharine Rodenbarger have all the personal property of which I may die profsefsed for her own, free from any and all claims and control and that she have without responsibility for waste for and during her natural life all the real estate of which I may die seized with full power to use the same in all respects as fully and as free from liability as though the free [    ] thereof were vested in her she to pay taxes and keep the fences in repair.

                Third.  It is my will that at the death of my said wife Catharine all the real estate of which I may die seized be sold and the proceeds thereof after paying the expenses of said sale be divided in equal shares between the children of said Catharine my wife my her first and second marriage including William and Henry Schromyer and my children by my first and second marriages counting the children of such said children as are dead or may die here after as one child.

                In Witnefs where I have herewith set my hand and seal this 10” day of May AD 1869.

                                                                                                John X(his mark) Rodenbarger *Seal


Signed and acknowledged by said John Rodenbarger as his last will and testament in our presence and signed by us in his as witnefs in his


[Page 263]

presence at his request.

                                                                                                August H Christman *Seal

                                                                                                Benjamin Elkin *Seal


The State of Indiana Clay County SS

                Be it Remembered that on the 31” day of October 1870 August H Christman one of the subscribing witnefses to the within and foregoing last will and testament of John Rodenbarger late of said county deceased personally appeared before Charles H Knight clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Clay County in the State of Indiana and being duly sworn by the Clerk of said Court upon his oath declared and testified as follows that is to say:  That on the 10” day of May AD 1869 he saw the said John Rodenbarger sign his name to said instrument in writing as and for his last will and testament and that this deponent at the same time heard the said John Rodenbarger declare the said instrument in writing to be his last will and testament and that said instrument in writing was at the same time at the request of the said John Rodenbarger and with his consent attested and subscribed by the said August H Christman and Benjamin Elkin in the presence of said Testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnefs thereto and that the said John Rodenbarger was at the time of signing and subscribing of the said instrument in writing as aforesaid of full age (that is more than twenty one years of age) and of sound disposing mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint as the said deponent verily believes and further deponent says not

                                                                                                A H Christman

Sworn and Subscribed by the said August H Christman before me Charles H Knight Clerk of said Court at Bowling Green the 31” day of October 1870.

                In the attestation whereof I have herewith Subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said Court.              

       *Seal                                                                               Chas H Knight Clerk

The State of Indiana Clay County SS

                I Charles H Knight Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Clay County Indiana do certify that the within [     ] last will and testament of John Rodenbarger has been duly admitted to probate and duly proved by the


[Page 264}

testimony of August H Christman one of the Subscribing witnefs thereto that a complete record of said Will and the testimony of said August H Christman in proof thereof has been by me duly made and recorded in Book No 1 page 262 & 3 & 4 of the Record of wills of said County.

                In Attestation whereof I have herewith Subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said Court at Bowling Green this 31” day of October 1870      

       *Seal                                                                               Chas H Knight Clerk

                                                                                of  the Court of Common Pleas of

                                                                                                Clay County

Filed October 31” AD 1870

                Chas H Knight


The State of Indiana

County of Clay SS              I, Catharine Rodenberger widow of the within named John Rodenberger, deceased, knowing the contents and the provisions of the within and forgoing last will and testament of my said husband, now deceased, do hereby declare that I have, and do forever release and relinquish, waive and disaffirm my right, estate and interest in the estate and property of my said husband as given me by the statute and laws of said State, and do hereby fully and completely accept and confirm, and have accepted and confirmed the bequests and desires made to me by said Will:  The forgoing ratification shall be retroactive to the date of the probating of said will.  Witness my hand and seal hereto this the 9lt day of October A.D. 1871.                                                                Cathareine (her mark) Rodenberger *Seal


Witness to mark

H. Huddleston                                                                      State of Indiana, Clay County:

                                                                                Before me Charles H Knight Clert of the Clay Circuit Court within and for said county and State personally came Catharine Rodenberger, and acknowledge the execution of the above instrument.  Witnessed My hand and Seal the Oct. 9th AD 1871.

                *Seal                                                                      Chas H Knight Clerk

Friday, October 17, 2014

Knut Rockne autograph

Going through what is probably the last of my grandparents' mementos, I found a few gems.  One is very likely to be Knut Rockne's autograph.  The top portion was written by my grandmother.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Knut and Wendla Gafvert

After a visit the McKeesport-Versailles Cemetery I drove up O'Neil Blvd.  I found the home of my great-grandparents, Knut and Wendla Gafvert.  My Uncle Ken and Aunt Doris were born there at 1110 O'Neil Blvd.  Tried to find 1919 Butler Street where my father was born, but the block was an empty field.

Then, I drove along 5th Ave, McKeesport, PA.  The Johnston's Maytag Store was located at 1013 5th Ave.  The "Warehouse" Building is #1003.  The 2 story red brick building is #1017.