Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aunt Janie's Lime Pickles

While scanning recipes from my mother's collection, I came across the handwritten recipe received from my Great-Aunt Opal (Grindstaff).  She wrote that the recipe is "Aunt Janie's"  I think Aunt Janie married into the Harrison line.


  1. hello my name is nicole beauchamp, jessie and janie harrison are my 3rd great grandparents. i was googling them and stumbled upon you. thank you soo much for scanning this recipe. one of the only things my dad remembers about his grandma virgie is making pickles with her!! i can't wait to show this to him!! thank you!! if you have any more info on jessie and janie and this line that you haven't put up here i would love to get in contact with you!!

    1. Hi Nicole, I haven't been able to place Aunt Janie into the family yet. Who were Jessie's parents? I have some of my grandmother's papers but haven't had the time to go through them. Happy that the recipe will bring good memories to your father.

    2. I'm just now able to search this side of the family.(my dads bio father was not in the picture) and his family wasn't really either, I don't have any documents so I have been searching census and for other living family for my information. For Jessie I have a William Washington and a Sylvia angetine for his parents, I got this on a form from a Vickie Davis. Here is the link.

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