Saturday, February 14, 2015

John B. Hardin's Death

The  widely, unsourced, year of death for John B. Hardin is 1882 in Indiana.  I have found an newspaper article that conflicts with the 1882 death date.

John's daughter, Sarah Stoner, who lived with him in 1870 [Bethlehem Twp., Clark Co., Indiana], was enumerated with her son, James W. Stoner's family in Scott Co., Indiana on 5 June 1880.

In the 16 December 1880 issue of the Jeffersonville Daily Evening News, Thomas Harden and his wife sell 60-100 acres to Sarah Stoner, who immediately sells the same acreage to A. Hardeman. The land was described as pt. of n.w. qr. sect. 12, t. 1,. m. rge. 9 e. 42, 60-100 acrews, $150.

My next research item is to follow the land transfers to establish the history of that parcel of land that was transferred the week ending December 11, 1880.

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