Saturday, February 14, 2015

John B. Hardin's Death

The  widely, unsourced, year of death for John B. Hardin is 1882 in Indiana.  I have found an newspaper article that conflicts with the 1882 death date.

John's daughter, Sarah Stoner, who lived with him in 1870 [Bethlehem Twp., Clark Co., Indiana], was enumerated with her son, James W. Stoner's family in Scott Co., Indiana on 5 June 1880.

In the 16 December 1880 issue of the Jeffersonville Daily Evening News, Thomas Harden and his wife sell 60-100 acres to Sarah Stoner, who immediately sells the same acreage to A. Hardeman. The land was described as pt. of n.w. qr. sect. 12, t. 1,. m. rge. 9 e. 42, 60-100 acrews, $150.

My next research item is to follow the land transfers to establish the history of that parcel of land that was transferred the week ending December 11, 1880.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Generations, 1870 - John B. Hardin, Sarah Stoner, Lydia Harrison

1870 Federal Census
Bethlehem Twp., Clark Co., Indiana
Dwelling/Family #142 and 143 contain three generations of my family:  4xGreat-Grandfather John B. Hardin, his daughter, my 3xGreat-Grandmother, Sarah Stoner, and his granddaughter, my 2xGreat-Grandmother, Lydia Harrison.

John B. Hardin is 81 years old. His widowed daughter Sarah Stoner is keeping the house for her father and her four youngest children, Thomas, James W., Ursula, and Joseph A. Stoner.  Sarah's husband Andrew James Stoner died 21 May 1864 in Nashville, Tennessee while serving in the Union Army.   Also living in the household is John's son Thomas Hardin.  I presume Joseph H. Hardin is John B. Hardin's grandson but I don't think he is Thomas Hardin's son.  Possibly, Joseph H. Hardin, age 8, is the son of John B. Hardin's son, Joseph, born About 1828.

The following enumerated family is William Henry Harrison and his wife Lydia (Stoner) Harrison.  Lydia is the daughter of Andrew James and Sarah (Hardin) Stoner.  The three children listed are Andrew, Sarah, and Malinda.