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Other Rodenberger Relatives in Philomath Cemetery

My previous post was about Elizabeth Rodenberger's grave at Philomath Cemetery in Union Co., Indiana.  Other family members are buried there as well.

Rachel Reasar.  October 9, 1813 - July 28, 1893.
     Rachel was the third child of Johannes "John" and Elizabeth Rodenberger.  She was born in Upper Milford Twp., Northampton Co, Pennsylvania.  She was baptized at Upper Milford Reformed Congregation on November 25, 1813 with Peter and Christine Hertzell as her sponsors .

Daniel Reasar.  Died September 20, 1857.  Aged 45 years, 4 months, 2 days.
     Rachel Rodenberger and Daniel were married February 25, 1834 in Wayne Co., Indiana

Elizabeth Reasar.  Daughter of D. and R. Reasar.  Died September 12, 1857.  Aged 18y, 8 m, 9d.
     Father and daughter died 8 days apart.

Ann M. Rodenberger, wife of John R. Rodenberger. Died February 19, 1847.  Aged 26y, 3m, 15d.
     Anna Maria Plankenhorn was the first wife of Johannes and Elizabeth's son John W. Rodenberger.  John, at some later date, shortened his surname to Rodenberg.  Both of Ann Maria's parents and possibly a brother are also buried at Philomath Cemetery.

Martin D. Rodenberger, son of John and Maria Rodenberger.  Died March 28, 1849.  Age 2 years.
     It is likely that his mother died at or near his birth.

Alvin Rodenberger, son of John W. and Maria Rodenberger. Died June 21, 1857. Aged 1yr, 21 days.
     Son of John W. and his second wife, Mariah Long Rodenberger.

Sarah Stanfer. Wife of Henry Stanfer.  Died September 12, 1853. Aged 20 yrs, 7 mo, 16dys.
     Sarah was the daughter of Johannes and Elizabeth Rodenberger.  Possibly child #10.  I believe her last name was actually Staufer based on Henry Staufer's 1907 obituary:
                  "In the year of 1850 he was married to Sarah Rodenbargar, and to them were born two       children, Helena McCashland, who lives near Abington, and the other dying in infancy at the time of its mother."

Phebe J. Rodenberger. Daughter of George and C. Rodenberger.  Died May 1, 1862.  Aged 11years 10months 3days.        George was the son born after John W. Rodenberger.  Both young men married Plankenhorn
sisters.   Phebe was one of 13 children and the only one not to reach adulthood.

Cemeteries of Union Co, Indiana, 1934.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elizabeth Rodenberger - Found at Last!

On my trip yesterday to the DAR Library in Washington, DC, I discovered the burial location for my 5th great-grandmother!  From the Cemeteries of Union County, Indiana book, Elizabeth Rodenberger, wife of John Rodenberger, died on September 30, 1842 at the age of 51 years, 11 months, 30 days.  She is buried in  Philomath Cemetery in Brownsville Twp, Union Co., Indiana.

Elizabeth's calculated birthdate would be October 1, 1790.  Her first child, Samuel Rodenberger, my 4th great-grandfather, was born to her at age 18 (thanks, Ray for the calculations). 

Elizabeth and John (Johannes) had at least 10 children:  Samuel, Leah, Rachel, Elizabeth, John W, George, Jacob, Paul, Peter, and Sarah.  Samuel, Leah, and Rachel were born and baptized in Upper Milford Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania.  After Elizabeth's Pennsylvania birth, the family arrived in Ohio before 1818.  John Rodeberger was enumerated in the 1820 Federal Census of Montgomery Co, Ohio. In 1832, John purchased land in Wayne Co, Indiana, an adjoining county to Union Co.

Elizabeth is still a mystery since I don't know her maiden name or who her parents were.

A side note on the value of cemetery surveys.  The book mentioned above that contained this vital information was compiled in 1934 [Lacks title page, title information from 4th leaf - from the DAR Library catalog].  Based on the photo of the cemetery on the Find A Grave website, I'm fairly certain that these gravestones would be unreadable today.

This cemetery is located off of C. Rodenburg Rd. on the south end of Philomath. The condition is severely neglected. At one time, there used to be a church close by the cemetery but all that is left is the foundation.

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