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Tombstone Tuesday - Israel Dennis Scott

The following is in response to Christian Scott's reply on my August 5, 2011 post of Funeral Card Friday - Jennie Dillon Scott.

In th History of Edgar Co, Illinois, 1879, there are several biographical sketches on the Scott families.   On page 688, the sketches include Israel D. Scott and his brother R. L. Scott.  On page 689-690, William Scott, their father, is included.  The book can be found at Heritage Quest, which many public libraries offer.  Another location for locating some of the biographical sketches: 

     ISRAEL D. SCOTT, of the firm of Scott Bros., merchants, Scotland; he was born May 30, 1844, in this township, less than a mile north of his present place of business; during the years of his minority, he was engaged on the farm at home; some time later, he began farming on his own responsibility; at the same time, he was actively engaged in stock dealing and stock raising, and carried on the above-named pursuits until April, 1874, at which date he joined his brother (Robert L.) in the mercantile business; since that time they have enlarged their facilities, and are doing a flourishing and successful business, besides dealing to some extent in livestock.  He married Louisba McClure April 25, 1868; she was born in Vermilion Co., this State, April 9, 1850; they have five children, viz., William, Albert, Owen, Irwin and Samuel.

Death Certificate for Israel D Scott

Certificate and Record of Death
Full Name: Israel D Scott
Sex: Male Color: W Married
Birthplace: Edgar Co Date of birth: 6-10-1844
age 66 years 11 months 10 days
Died on the 20 day of May 1911 at about 9 pm
Last Occupation: Merchant
Place of birth: Chrisman, county of Edgar
Place of burial: Scottland, Ill Date of burial: May 22, Hour 12
Undertaker: John Wasson of Chrisman
How long in state: All life
Name of father: Wm Scott Birthplace of father: Ind
Maiden name of mother: Legate (added is Elizabeth)
Birthplace of mother: Ill
Informant: CR Scott
Address: Chrisman
Medical Certificate of Cause of Death
I hereby certify that I attended Deceased from Jan 23, 1911 ot May 20, 1911. That I last saw him alive on the 20th day of May 1911. That death occurred on date above, at about 9 o'clock pm and that to the best of my knowledge and belief the cause of his death was as hereunder written.
a. Cause of death: Bright's Disease - Duration 2 years
b. Contributory (Secondary): Exhaustion

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scottland, Illinois
Melissa, Lucinda, and Israel D. Scott gravestones
Photo:  May 2010
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scottland, Illlinois
Melissa L. Scott
Wife of I.D. Scott
Died May 31, 1881
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scottland, Illinos
Lucinda P.
Wife of I. D. Scott
Died Sept  , 1892
Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scottland, Illinois
Israel D. Scott
Photo:  May 2010

 I have a copy of a letter from M.W. Riley, caretaker of the cemetery, to Paul Ingram.  Mr. Ingram sent the copy to my mother in 1991.
"Mr. Ingram:  There is no Chrisman Cemetery.  The Cemetery there is, The Cemetery you want has had several names.  Ingram - Scottland and now officially Prairie Township Chapel Cemetery.  Our records show
  William Scott 13 July 1819 - 16 Nov 1897
  Elizabeth "     , wife of Wim. 48 yrs 2 m 13 d
  Franklin Scott, son of Wm & EC 8 Jan 1885 21y 5m 28d
  Albert Scott, son of Wm & E, 12 Oct 1868  16y 8m 14d
  Owen Scott, Son of ID & ML, 27 Dec 1890, 17y 7m 15d
  Florence Scott, Dau of ID & L, 16 Jan 1888, 2y 2m 27d
  Scott, Infant Son of ID & ML, 6 Dec 1878 & Infant Son of ID & ML, 14 Apr 1880 (on same stone)
  Scott Samie, Son of ID & ML, 3 May 1880, 3y 8m 2d
  Scott, Melissa, Wife of ID, 31 May 1881, 31y 1m 22d
  Scott, Lucinda, Wife of ID, 1 Sep 1892, 38y 11m 19d
  Scott, Israel D, 1844-1911.
Since 2nd wife died in 1892, he may well have married Dillon in 1893 or 94.  Albert Leroy Dillon mother was Lois L. (Dawson) Dillon.  His grandfather I believe was Robert Edmond (1 Jan 1837 - 24 Oct 1908).  His grandmother Julia Ann Dillon (1890-1920).
This is the best I can do.  Its all been copied from the grave stones.  Books were destroyed or lost late 1940's.  Remade 1951 from the stones.  M. W. Riley"

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Unidentified Photos - Rodenberger, Spieth, Dawson?

Edited May 5, 2014 with names to match the faces!  Thanks Sheryll.
Unidentified photos (treasures) that were in my mother's collection . . . Speculation and information are welcomed!

Terrence Maddock
The Spieth Studio, Olney, Ill.
Gladys Maurine (Dawson) Craft
No studio listed.
Alba Doyne Craft
Rochford Studio - Sheridan
Class of 1941
Alba Doyne Craft
Rochford Studio - Sheridan

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Amanuensis Monday - Will of Peter Dillon, 1829

Located at the Daughters of the American Revolution's library in Washington, D.C., as part of a membership application, the following is the submitted transcription of Peter Dillon's Will.

Peter Dillon was the son of Daniel and Lydia Dillon.  Peter was married to Elizabeth "Betty" Haworth, daughter of James Frederick Haworth and Sarah Wood.
Will of Peter Dillon, Sr.  Will Book I. pp 22-23
Greene County, Tennessee      Greenville
Written: 2-10-1829   Proven: 7-27-1829

                               Peter DILLON Sen'r, dec'd
Monday 27th July 1829.  The execution of the last Will and Testament of Peter Dillon Sen'r, dec'd., was duly proven by the affirmation of David Stanfield and Aaron Hammer, subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded as follows:

"This is the last Will and Testament of me Peter Dillon Senior of the County of Green and State of Tennessee, being of sound disposing mind and memory and understanding, which Will I make as follows:  Viz;

First I order and direct my Executors hereafter to be named, to pay and discharge all my just debts, funeral expences, and charges of proving and executing this my last Will out of my personal Estate.

I then give and devise unto my beloved wife Elizabeth during her natural life, my mansion house and garden with the privilege of the orchard for her use, also with the privilege of pasturage sufficient for her cows and calves, also the one half of my stock, also one half of my household & kitchen furniture & I further say whatever she may need more for her support is to be supplied by my three sons hereafter named.

I next give and devise to my two sons Garret and James, all my tract of Land lying on Sinking Creek, to be divided by a known line run by James Galbreath; said Garret to have and to hold that side he now lives on except seven acres on the chestnut ridge in the South East Corner of the said premises given and devised to my son Garret, which seven acres I give and bequeath unto my son James, with a road one rod wide through the premises devised to said Garret, which said road shall be where said Garret shall judge to be most convenient to himself, provided they the said Garret and James do furnish their Mother with two thirds of what she may need for support ever and above her dowerry as above inscribed.

I then give and devise unto my sons William and Peter the plantation and tract of land I now live on, containing two hundred and fifty four acres by estimation, be the same more or less to be divided in the following manner, Viz:  beginning at a stake close on the south side of the branch at the foot of the nob and on the line of my twelve acre survey, four rods north twelve degrees east from a Spanish Oak the South east corner of my said twelve acre tract, running from said stake north fifty-nine degrees west sixteen poles to a rock, thence north twentyfour degrees West twenty eight poles to a stake, thence north fifty seven and a half degrees west twenty poles to a large Walnut tree, thence running a direct line to a stake on the line on the West end of my said lands, so as to make the division equal in acres or measurement, between my said sons.

I give and allow my son William to have half of the fruit of my Apple orchard for the term of twelve years, and that he shall have and hold the half on the North side.
Also all the land I held on the North side of the branch by a late Entry is to be equally divided between my two sons James and Peter, the balance of what I now hold of said Entry I devise to my son William, provided so William furnishes his mother one third of a support in manner as above stated for James and Garret.

I then give and bequeath unto my daughter Lydia this other half of my stock, household and kitchen furniture being an equal dividend with her mother, also free privilege of my mansion house and Orchard for her use during my Wife's natural life.

At the decease of my beloved wife, I will and allow of the personal estate she may have remaining, one bed and furniture to my son James, and the balance equally divided between my five daughters (Viz) Sarah, Phebe, Susanna, Jemima, & Elizabeth.

I then give also to my son Peter my waggon that's now in use on the plantation.

I then nominate, constitute, and appoint my two sons Garret & William Executors of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all other former Wills & Testaments at any time heretofore made by me.  In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this tenth day of the second month in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred twenty nine.

   Signed, sealed, acknowledged & delivered  )                          his
   in the presence of us, who have in the          )
   presence of each other signed our names     )          Peter                    Dillon
   as Witnesses the day and year above            )                                                       (Seal)
   written.                                                          )                        mark
   David Stanfield, Aaron Hammer, Brittn Fler (?)

                                And thereupon came Garret Dillon & William Dillon the executors named in said Will and entered into bond with Peter Dillon their security in the sum of one thousand dollars, with condition as the law directs and the said Garret Dillon and William Dillon having taken an affirmation, will truly and legally to execute said Will, it is ordered that letters Testamentary issue to them accordingly.

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Amanuensis Monday - Will of Daniel Dillon, d. 1805

Located at the Daughters of the American Revolution's library in Washington, D.C., as part of a membership application, the following is the submitted transcription of Daniel Dillon's Will.

DDJ - Jan. 1966                    
                                                            Daniel Dillon b. 1713 Kilkenny, Ireland;
                                                            ca 1724 to Nantucket, Mass. - Penn.
                                                            - Fred. Co., Va. - Guilford Co., N.C.,

                                                            son of Luke & Susannah Garret Dillon

Will of Daniel Dillon, Guilford County, North Carolina
Recorded in Guilford Co., N.C. Cthse, Greensboro, N.C.  Wills
File #0105, page 105 (or 115?)
Photocopy made from recorded Will, April 28, 1965, Office of Register of Deeds

                                                   Daniel Dillon
File #0105
     This Twentieth day of the Eighth month in the year of our Lord one Thousand Eight hundred and five I Daniel Dillon of New Garden in the County of Guilford and State of North Carolina being Sick and weak of body but of Sound and perfect mind and memory, Considering the mortality of my body and the uncertainty of our lives: do make and ordain this my last will and Testament as follows (Viz)

      Item 1 ordain and desire that first of all my Just debts and funeral Charges be paid and fully satisfied by my Executors out of my movable Estate

     Item I do give and devise and bequeath unto my youngest Son Isaac Dillon all the balance of the old Survey on the South Side of Reedy fork and Jesses line including the old meadow that is not conveyed to others & to him self his heirs and assigns forever

     Item I do devise and ordain that my Executors when they think proper sell one tract of Land lying on the South Side of the Ridge on head of the branches above where Robert Blakley formerly lived which by deed may fully apear it being on the north side of Beaver Creek    

     Item I do give bequeath and devise unto my youngest Son Isaac aforementioned his heirs and assigns forever a piece or parcel of Land lying on the south side of Beaver Creek it being the south west corner of the old survey:  beginning at Stuarts Corner in the greate Road runing thence southwardalong said Road to a Rock from thence to the old corner by the pond thence East along the old line to Stuarts corner on the Ridge thence with his line to the beginning of said Road

     Item I do devise and appoint that my Executors shall when they think proper sell the old Mill seat with all the Land lying on the north side of the greate Road and west of Stuarts line it being the northwest Corner or west End of the old survey

     Item I give devise and bequeath unto my Grand daughters Sarah and Elizabeth Wallace ten dollars to be Equally divided between them for their own use forever

     Item my will and desire is that all my movable or perishable Property be sold Collected and Equally divided amongst all my Children (namely) Martha  Nathan  William  Peter  Jessee  Daniel  Patience and Isaac Dillon.  And likewise all cash in hand or to be obtained in Consiquence of bond Notes book accts & after debts & being paid as aforesaid

     Item It is my will and I do hereby Constitute and apoint my two sons Nathan and Peter Dillon to be Executors of this my last will and Testament and now I do Ratify and Confirm this and no other to be my last Will and Testament Revoking and disannully all former Wills bequests and legises in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal - - - - Signed Sealed and pronounce in presence of
     Silvanus Garner, Jonathan Hodgson &
     William Bunch                                                                    Daniel Dillon   (Seal)

State of North Carolina)
     Guilford County      )                                       February Court 1806
The Execution of the within Will was proven in Open Court by the oath of William Bunch and Jonathan Hodgson two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and on motion ordered to be recorded.  Then Came in Nathan Dillon & Peter Dillon and qualified as Executors
                                                                              Test  John Hamilton    Clk
Abstracts of two deeds showing part of settlement of the estate of Daniel Dillon (Will above)
     Source:  copied from Deed Book April 1965 by Dora D. Jones
                   Guilford Co. Cthse, Greensboro, N. C.

Deed Bk. 9, p. 56
1806-   Dillon, Daniel      (by exrs) (Nathan & Peter Dillon exrs)
                                         to Jesse Standley   deed  255
               Nathan & Peter Dillon, exrs of Daniel Dillon dec'd all of Guilford Co., N. C.  On waters of Beaver Creek, beginning at Jesse Dillions, etc. . . .
                                                                                   Nathan Dillon       (Seal)
                                                                                   Peter Dillon             "

Deed Bk. 9, p. 285
1807, Aug. 31.      Dillon, Daniel (by exr) (Nathan Dillon exr)
                to Robert McKnight   deed $500.00     being on the North Buffalow Creek in Guilford Co., N.C.   . . . . part of a tract granted by the Earl of Granville to Thos. Donnell . .  at corner of McKnights
its:  Peter Dillon       Jonathan Dillon
       Joel Sanders                                                         Nathan Dillon   (Seal)

(Evidently Peter returned from Tenn. to help settle estate & had turned the last over to Nathan.  Daniel had also recd grant from Earl of Granville & had disposed of at least part of it to son, Peter in 1787.  From 1783 Peter had been back & forth from N.C. - Tenn.   DDJ)

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Sunday's Obituary - Julia Ann (Cully) Dillon

Champaign, Illinois
Feb. 19, 1920, page 9
[Source:  Urbanna Free Library, Urbanna, Illinois]
                                             Mrs. Julia A. Dillon
     Mrs. Julia A. Dillon, 80 years of age, died at 9 o'clock Wednesday night at 203 West Church street, where she had made her home for nearly three years with her daughter, Mrs. Ella Thompson.  She was born Nov. 17, 1839 at Montezuma, Ind., and most of her life was spent near Scotland Edgar county.  She leaves four sons Dr. A.L. Dillon, Dr. F.A. Dillon, and F.B. Dillon, all of Clovia, N.M., and Dr. C.C. Dillon of Sidell, and three daughters, Mrs. Ella Thompson, Mrs. Jennie D. Scott, Danville, and Mrs. Edna Inskip, Wallace, Idaho.  She also leaves two sisters, Mrs. Josie Potts, Newport, Ind., and Mrs. Samantha Martin, Walnut Hill, Ill.  The body will be taken to Scotland and services will be held there at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon in the M. E. church in that village.  Burial will be in Wesley chapel cemetery near Scotland.

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Daniel Dillon - Patriot of the American Revolution

Daniel Dillon, son of Luke Dillon and Susannah Garrett, was born 4 August 1713.  Some records say that Daniel was born at sea while his parents were emigrating from Ireland and others suggest either New England or Pennsylvania as his birth location.  He married Lydia whose name was either Wright or Hodgsdon.  Daniel migrated from Pennsylvania to Virginia then to North Carolina. 

Daniel, a Quaker, contributed financially to the American Revolution and is considered a Patriot whose descendants are eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

While visiting the DAR's library and computer center in Washington, D.C., I printed these scanned vouchers from a DAR membership application.

State of North Carolina   N2530
Salisbury District
This is to certify that Daniel Dillon
____ allowed Seven Pounds Eigteen Shillings
4th day of September ____
Reverse side
D. Dillon

State of North Carolina  N.3742
Salisbury District
__ may certify that Daniel Dillon
____ seventeen pounds eighteen Shillings
___ for public Claims by _____ Board
of Auditors this 23rd Day of August 1783.

Reverse side
Daniel Dillon

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Tombstone Tuesday - Seibert E and Marie C (Doumont) Johnston

Seibert E. Johnston
At the McKeesport and Versailles Cemetery, McKeesport, Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, Seibert Ellwood Johnston (b. 16 Jul 1877, d. 21 Jul 1935) and his wife Marie Catherine (Doumont) Johnston (b. 15 Nov 1877, d. 13 Aug 1944) share a grave.  Marie's name is not on the gravestone.

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Wednesday's Child - James Peer

James Peer, the 4th child of Jesse L Peer and Keziah Crusour, was born April 18, 1879.  He died on June 17, 1886 in Dana, Vermillion Co., Indiana.  James is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scotland, Edgar Co., Illinois.

Obit - Newport Hoosier State; Wed, Jun 23, 1886:
Near 3 o'clock on last Thursday afternoon, a sad accident occurred at Dana, by which 2 bright and intelligent little boys lost their lives. Operator Wells' little son, aged about 7 years, and Jesse L. Peer's son, about the same age, were playing in the elevator building of Ralph & Finney. The little fellows got into the large corn bin from which a car was being loaded. The boys were drawn to the center as the grain was being let out and finally could not extricate themselves from their perilous condition. They were buried in the chute, and finally the grain ceased to run from the chute. One of the hands supposing some obstacle was impeding the flow of grain, took a long pole and ran up the chute, but failed to remove the trouble. He then went upstairs, taking a pole with a hook on the end of it, and soon learned what had caused the grain to cease flowing. The 2 little boys were hooked up on the end of the pole and found to be dead. Mr. Wells was present but did not know his boy was about the building until he saw his lifeless form pulled from the grain bin. The shock was so great that he fainted. Coroner Brindley was notified and immediately went down and held an inquest over their remains, and in his verdict exonerates the elevator men from all blame. The two little boys were great friends and nearly always together, and were great favorites among the people of Dana. There was a third boy with them who when he heard his playmates calling for help in the bin, ran downstairs and told a man what was the matter, but he never paid attention to the little fellow and went on about his business. The boy then ran home and told his folks, and they not comprehending the danger of the two made no effort to give the alarm and render assistance. The funeral of the little boys took place on Friday and was very largely attended. Their funeral was preached by Rev. Thomas Griffith, of Montezuma.
[Source:  Carolyn Schwab]

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Amanuensis Monday - Charles Hardin Dawson Family

The following letter Mary (Swearingen) Lossing received from a cousin.  Both woman were descended from William and Nancy (Cleveland) Dawson.  Mary's ancestor was Thomas Lewis Dawson, the 7th child and Idamae's ancestor was Charles Hardin Dawson, the 9th and youngest child.

Mr. & Mrs.  Archie R Morley, Rt. 2, Box 154, Gaston, Oregon                  April 7, 1965
Dear Cousin Mary:

                I am Idamae Dawson Morley, eldest of 4 daughters, born Nov. 24, 1905 at Shelton, Neb.  My father, George Washington Dawson, and his brother, Joseph Wylie, came to Neb. As young men, where both married and remained until their deaths at Shelton.

                My grandparents – Charles Hardin & Elizabeth Digby.

                We just received your letter.  I found it interesting.  My husband handles every thing from the genealogy angle, but I though I would write, and perhaps toss in a few side lights.  I notice you and I are near the same age.  My father was so interested in learning something about his family, but knew very little.  I had heard him mention cousins Laura; no doubt Laura V Jan 8, 1858-Nov 22 1900, who I believe was a daughter of Thomas.  Also he talked about a cousin Douglas who was a bro. of Laura I believe, Sept 9, 1861 – Aug 27, 1923.

                My father was the youngest in a good size family.  He and a twin sister were born after my grandfather, Chas. Hardin went to war.  Grandfather saw my father just once, when dad was 1 week old.  The twin died – but when, I never knew; whether at birth, or later.  Nine-months later grandfather Chas. Hardin, died on the battle field with pneumonia.  A close family friend who served in the armed forces at his side, told grandmother that her husband was buried in a box (most were not) and in a trench.

                Later the family home burned, and with it, family records.  A Bible was saved.  The little I have has been gleaned from it.

                Chas. Hardin was 24, his wife Elizabeth Digby 20 at the time of marriage.  No note is made of a previous marriage.

                Their children a little life sketch of the Chas. Hardin’s children are as follows.

                Catherine –b.  May 26, 1846, d. 1920 or 21 – Married Henry Axton April 18, 1868.  They had two children, Ida Mae and Charles – both deceased.  Chas. Was a Quaker Minister, a very tall and very handsome man.  He died about 20 years ago.

                Benjamin Franklin – b. Dec. 6, 1851, d. Nov. 25, 1874.

                A Bible was put under his chin to hold his mouth in position during embalming and some of the fluid discolored the pages.  We still have that stained Bible.

                William Irvin – b. June 4, 1854 – April 1912?

                Uncle Will had a large family of daughters, several of whom are still living.  Back in 1912 the death of Uncle Will, his wife and daughter, Georgia, age 13, made news headlines all over the nation when they were clubbed to death in their beds. (Now – things like that happen too often to make headlines.)  Georgia, in panic, ducked under the bed-clothes.  Her head was beaten completely off.  The only thing that saved others of the family, some of whom were yet unmarried, was that it was Sat night, and the girls were visiting in friends homes.  George had cried to go to, but her sisters said she was too little.

                Mary Jane – b. June 7, 1857 – d. around 1910 or 1912.

                I remember my father sending her money.  She died of T.B.  I know the relatives seemed to think her husband was a no account.

                Joseph Wylie – Feb. 25, 1860-1903   Shelton, Neb.

                Died of T.B. of the throat.  He and dad came to Neb. As young men – to Shelton, where both are buried.  He had no children.  His widow never remarried.  She died out here in Wash. About 13 yrs. Ago.

                George Washington -  b. Jan. 6, 1863 near Newport, Ind. – Nov. 9, 1949, Shelton, Neb.  Born at Newport, Indiana.

                My fathers heart played out finally.

                He and Uncle Jo were both farmers.  My father retired and moved into Shelton a few years before he passed away.

                My father was a tall, handsome man, black hair, blue eyes, an excellent tenor singer – my mother a school teacher before marriage.

                A year ago a grand-daughter of Catherine Dawson, fell heir to an old photo album of Catherines, and sent me some of the photos.  I am very curious about some of them.  Among them was a prize, grandfather Chas. Hardin in his uniform, the only photo we have of him.  It shows a striking resemblance to my dad.  There was also a letter he had written his wife, while in the war.  The sender, wrote on the pictures the corresponding names on the album pages, which could be accurate, still pictures may have gotten changed.  One for instance puzzles me.  Its of a man & wife – her name listed is Catherine Sigler.  My fathers sister Catherine married an Axton, his sister Mary, married a Sigler.  This womans features resemble the Dawsons eyes.  I wonder if it is perhaps an error and should be Mary Sigler.  The photographers name is on the photo – Jas. S. Shaff – Seneca, Kansas.  A tin type of a lady who also has the Dawson type of eyes s named as Elsie [?] Dawson.  I haven’t the remotest idea who she is.

                Then there are Joseph Digby and Franklin Digby.  Joseph looks like a handsome Indian, long hair, blanket around his shoulders:  perhaps a part breed.  Joseph Digby looks like an up and coming business owner.  There is no resemblance at all in the faces.  The Indian could have been clowning but I doubt it.  Other photos I got tracked down if I didn’t already know.  G.R. Dawson who looks like a youthful dandy, I found to be George Riley, son of Wm, b. 1841 – d. 1922.  Other photos were my fathers brothers.  The lady who sent these to me knows even less about the family than I.  The one who perhaps could have enlightened us most, died perhaps 5 or 6 yrs. Ago.

                Now, just a little about our selves.  My husband became interested in genealogy a number of years ago, and its amazing how far he has run back in his family 26 or 28 generations.  On mine, there are so many deadends because Indiana did not keep up the records too well.

                Our family owns the Indiana State Capitol.  Whether its thru the Dawsons or Digbys, we do not know.  If we were back in that area my husband would dig thru old newspapers files etc and see what he could find out.  All we know is this.  My father told my husband and me that an ancestor of his gave the property to the state of Indiana to put the Capitol on, but with the clause that if the capitol should ever be moved, the property was to be returned to the donner, or heirs.  The time came when it was going to be moved.  Only one thing prevented it.  Dad said some of his cousins began to brag as to how they would spend their share.  This news got back to the the State Fathers, so they took a new look at the legal papers, and for the first time realized what all was envolved, so the capitol was not moved.  My grandmother had been receiving threatening letters, threatening to harm her children if she didn’t hand over certain amounts of money where this fortune should become hers, so she was relieved when it fell through.  It could have been hers – or its possible this was after her husbands death, so her through heir.  A few years ago some teachers were on a tour through that capital.  One asked why its in such an undesirable location, crowded around on all sides by down-town Indianapolis.  The guide said it was tied up in some legal entanglements.

                I am sure my father had a sister who died at age of 4, not his twin, but I fail to have it in my list for some reason.

                Now a little about our family.  I have 3 younger sisters; my age 59 to ?.  All my sisters have gone to college – so have I – all have at one time been school teachers.  My teaching however has been different.  They taught in grade school.  I taught only art classes, most of this in Junior High or High schools, and the last 20 years I limited it to Oil Painting.  I also taught private adult classes.  I am a conservative Artist.  In other words, my paintings resemble the thing I have copied.  My last 2 – Grand Canyon at Sunset, and Niagra Falls.  We travel considerable of summers – 2 yrs ago we took 5 weeks tri down into Mexico and spent 5 days in Mexico City.  I sketch as we travel, we take color slides, then home again – I paint from things we have seen.  I am an active member of the Oregon Society of Artist.  We have a membership of right at 1000 members.  My husband and I are also members of a Camera Club.  We are quite amature in that yet – since some of the members have gained world recognition for their work.  They photo for perfection in balance, etc., we take pictures we want to tell a story.

                I have not taught now for going on 3 years.  I am enjoying the leisure of developing my own talent.  I give an exhibit open to the public, once a year in our home.  As many as 200 have been to my home exhibit in one day.  I also exhibit at Fairs, Art Centers, etc.  It is a pleasing hobby and pleasant pass time.

                My husband is a high-school teacher, a linguist.  We were in Portland, Ore. 7 years, but are out of the city now.  We enjoy our present location very much.  Since he is a teacher, we have moved off and on.  This is our 6th state to have lived in.  We moved to the North West, costal area, 30 years ago.  Out here, we have sank down our roots.  We like it here, we plan to retire here.  It’s the only place in our travels we have had any desire to settle down.  The climate is never sever, nature is lovely the year around.  It isn’t all perfect, but even so, the best we have found.  When I say the coast, this includes area from northern Calif. to Canada; but we prefer it down in Ore., to Wash., a bit more sunshine.

                Our family consists of a son and a daughter, and 5 grandchildren.             

                This has been a rambling letter, but I thought it might be of interest, at least in part to you.

                                                                                                Very sincerely, your cousin
                                                                                                Idamae Dawson Morley (Mrs. A. R. Morley)
                                                                                                Rt. 2 Box 154, Gaston Oregon

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Photos from Dawson Family Bible

Copyrighted 1867, William W. Harding of Philadelphia
 These six photos are in a Dawson Family Bible held by my mother.

Wedding photo of Taylor Dawson and Iona Rodenberger
September 13, 1874
Cherokee Co, Kansas
Tintype of Iona (Rodenberger) Dawson and her oldest child, Dottie Maud Dawson

The following four (all tin types) are unidentified:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Travel Tuesday - 1904 World's Fair, St. Louis

I have two copies of the same photo.  Wonderfully, they are from different families and between the two photos, all but one person is identified.

1904 World's Fair
Only people identified:  woman 3rd from left - Leo Bessie Spieth, woman seated on left - Mrs. Rodenberger
woman seated in the middle - Iona Dawson, and young man standing on far right - Challis Dawson

1904 World's Fair
[Source:  Jeanie Ommerle]
Top - Edith, 2nd Gma Rodenberger (Elizabeth), Leo, Clara, Billie Spieth, Nettie Spieth Bradley
Bottom - Harold, Sis, Ralph Bradley, Harry Bradley
"Lived in tent while there.  Smallpox epidemic in progress."
[Only the two people standing on the right side were unidentified.]

In Letters to Connie Rodenberger Fulton, 1901 - 1908, on page 16, C. C. Rodenberger wrote to his daughter, Connie on September 25, 1904.  C. C. Rodenberger lived in Oswego, Kansas and his daughter lived in Arizona.
". . . There is considerable sickness around here and has been Several deaths we are all on foot  Uncle Levy his wife and baby will start the third of next month from medford by the southern rout, he will land here on the Katy  Stop a day or two then go to the fair at St Louis on account of his ticket then will come back and visit with pa for Some time none of us have seen him for 48 years he says that is the cheapest rout 36 dollars a ticket . . ."
[Source:  Charles Alvard Rodenberger]

In the photos are two sisters:  Clara (Rodenberger) Spieth and Iona "Sis" (Rodenberger) Dawson.  Clara's husband is Billie Spieth.  Their children are Leo Bessie, Edith, and Harold Spieth.  2nd Grandma Rodenberger is the step-mother of Clara and Iona - the 2nd wife to their father.  Iona's son is Challis Dawson.  Nettie Spieth Bradley was the sister of Billie Spieth and, I believe, Ralph and Harry Bradley are her sons and they lived in Illinois.  Iona and Challis Dawson also lived in Illinois, Edgar Co.  The Spieths and 2nd Grandma Rodenberger lived in Cherokee Co, Kansas.

Charles C. Rodenberger was the brother of Clara and Iona.   John Harland Rodenberger, the father of Iona, Charles, and Clara, was the oldest brother of Uncle Levy.

Levi Cornwall Rodenberger was captured in the Civil War and escaped from prison.  I have read of two different regions - Huntsville, TN and Petersburg, VA -  and am not sure which is correct.  Some time after the Civil War, Levi headed west -  possibly with his brother Moses Rodenberger [See post of 10/2/2011].  He is enumerated in the 1870 Federal Census of Myrtle Creek Precinct, Douglas Co, Oregon. 

Travelling with Levi would have been his second wife, Sherry Abigail (Dean) Rodenberger.  Since the child is referred to as a baby, I would surmise that he would be Robert Dean Rodenberger, youngest son of Levi, who was born in 1901.

John Harland Rodenberger died 6 September 1908 in Cherokee Co, Kansas at the age of 76.  Levi Cornwall Rodenberger died 25 May 1933 in San Francisco, California at the age of 90.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - Marie C (Doumont) Johnston

The McKeesport Daily News
 Monday, August 14, 1944

    Mrs. Marie C. Johnston, widow of Seibert Johnston, died yesterday at her home, 1013 Fifth Avenue.
    She was 66 years old and spent much of her life in this district.
    Survivors include four sons, Earl, Seibert, and Ralph of McKeesport, and Corporal Lloyd, of the U.S. Army stationed in Louisiana, one daughter, Mrs. Rosine Readel; a sister, Mrs. P.J. Pierrard of Midway; 16 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren.
    Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. funeral services will be held at the home of Mrs. Readel, 455 Twenty-seventh Avenue, in charge of Reader Melvin Carter.  Interment will follow in Versailles Cemetery.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obituary - Dick Sabatini

Carmella and Dick Sabatini

Richard A. "Dick" Sabatini, 78, of Dunmore, died peacefully Tuesday in Hospice Community Care surrounded by his family. His wife of more than 50 years is the former Carmella Quatra.

Born in South Scranton to the late Steve and Stella Fabrio Sabatini, he was a graduate of Scranton Central High School and went on to honorably serve for four years in the
United States Navy during the Korean War as part of Jet Fighter Squad #71. He attended and graduated from the University of Scranton on an athletic scholarship and earned his B.S. and M.B.A. For a short time, Dick worked as a special agent with the United States Treasury Department within the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He was a teacher at Lackawanna College for 10 years, where he was chairman of the faculty, Athletic Director and coached both basketball and baseball. He later worked as manager for the George Pegula Insurance Company before becoming Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Deputy Director of ten state general hospitals. In 2000, he was elected to Dunmore Borough Council, and upon retirement, he worked for the Lackawanna County Bureau of Elections.

Dick was an active member of SS. Anthony and Rocco Parish in Dunmore, and was a former member of St. Francis of Assisi Church in South Scranton. He always found joy in helping others and in serving his church. He was a selfless man, a true friend, and a loving husband, father and grandfather.

Also surviving are a daughter, Gina Galluci and husband, Carl, Voorhees, NJ; four grandchildren who were his "gold," Giuliana, Summer, Dominic Richard and Ava Bella Gallucci, all of Voorhees, NJ; a sister, Virginia Duboski and husband, Tony, Clarks Summit; and several nieces and nephews.

He was preceded in death by a brother, Steven Sabatini.

The funeral will be Saturday from the Carlucci-Golden-DeSantis Funeral Home Inc., 318 E. Drinker St., Dunmore, with Mass at 11 a.m. in the St. Anthony of Padua Church, Smith St., Dunmore. Interment in the Italian-American Cemetery, Scranton.

Friends may call Friday evening from 5-8 p.m. To send the family an online condolence or for more information, please visit www.Dun

Published in Scranton Times on January 18, 2012

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Becoming a U.S. Citizen - Desire Doumont

Arriving in the United States in May of 1887, Desire Francis Joseph Doumont submitted his Intention to become a Citizen of the United States on September 18, 1890 to the Court of Common Pleas, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Intention to become a Citizen of the United States of America
Desire Doumont
18 September 1890
[Source:  Footnote]

On September 17, 1892, Desire Doumont being duly qualified, is admitted a CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES.

District Court of the United States
Western District of Pennsylvania
Citizenship document for Desire Doumont
17 September 1892
[Source:  Footnote]

Monday, January 9, 2012

SS Noordland Partial Manifest
Sailing from Antwerp, Belgium
Arriving Port of New York, 19 May 1887
[Source:  Ancestry]
Line 113 - D. F. J. Doumont, age 34, male, Coalminer, from Belgium, Nationality - Belgian, Going to Midway, 4 pieces of luggage, Forward Deck Level 2, Starting from Caumont [?].  Listed with him is Rosine Doumont, age 29; Marie Doumont, age 11; and J. D. Doumont, male, age infant. 

After J. D. Doumont, a Marie Granmoth, age 64, housekeeper, from Belgium, Nationality - Belgian, Going to Midway, no luggage listed, Afterdeck Level 3, Started from Grand Sus [?].  Is Marie related to Desire and Rosine's family?

Listed on Lines 107 and 108 are Jules J Gilles, age 25, coalminer, and Juliette Gilles, age 20.  Then, Emi Doumont, male, age 24, Georlette Cath, female, age 22, Clem Doumont, male, age 2, and Florastina Doumont, female, age 9/12, follow on Lines 109-112.

I believe, but do not have proof, that Juliette Gilles and possibly Emi Doumont are siblings to Desire Doumont.  In 1901, Desire Doumont and Juliette Gille arrived at Ellis Island, New York after sailing from Antwerp, Belgium.  Both were noted on the manifest as "Citizen Discharged on Pier" and from Midway, Pennsylvania.

SS Noordland
[Source:  Ancestry]

This steamship was built by Laird Bros. of Birkenhead for Red Star Line. She weighed 5,212 gross tons, had a length of 400 feet and a beam of 47 feet, one funnel, four masts, and a single screw. Her service speed was 13 knots. There was accommodation for 63 first-class, 56 second-class, and 500 third-class (steerage) passengers.
Launched on 11 January 1883, she began her maiden voyage on 29 March 1884, sailing from Antwerp, Belgium to New York City. She began her last sailing on this service on 9 March 1901. She was then chartered to the American Line, with accommodations altered to carry 160 second-class and 500 third-class passengers. She began sailing a Liverpool-Philadelphia route in April 1901. Beginning on 28 March 1906, she made two round-trip voyages on the old Antwerp-New York route, then resumed service between Liverpool and Philadelphia. She made her last voyage in this service in 1908, and was scrapped later the same year.
[Source:  http://rogerkreuz.com/gen/ships]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - Desire and Rosine Doumont

Center Cemetery, Midway, Washington Co, Pennsylvania -

Desire Francis Joseph Doumont born Feb. 1852 in Belgium, died 1905
Rosine (Thierry) Doumont born Nov. 2, 1858 in Belgium, died Mar. 21, 1904.

Father                     Mother
Desire                     Rosine
1852-1905               1858-1904