Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday's Child - James Peer

James Peer, the 4th child of Jesse L Peer and Keziah Crusour, was born April 18, 1879.  He died on June 17, 1886 in Dana, Vermillion Co., Indiana.  James is buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Scotland, Edgar Co., Illinois.

Obit - Newport Hoosier State; Wed, Jun 23, 1886:
Near 3 o'clock on last Thursday afternoon, a sad accident occurred at Dana, by which 2 bright and intelligent little boys lost their lives. Operator Wells' little son, aged about 7 years, and Jesse L. Peer's son, about the same age, were playing in the elevator building of Ralph & Finney. The little fellows got into the large corn bin from which a car was being loaded. The boys were drawn to the center as the grain was being let out and finally could not extricate themselves from their perilous condition. They were buried in the chute, and finally the grain ceased to run from the chute. One of the hands supposing some obstacle was impeding the flow of grain, took a long pole and ran up the chute, but failed to remove the trouble. He then went upstairs, taking a pole with a hook on the end of it, and soon learned what had caused the grain to cease flowing. The 2 little boys were hooked up on the end of the pole and found to be dead. Mr. Wells was present but did not know his boy was about the building until he saw his lifeless form pulled from the grain bin. The shock was so great that he fainted. Coroner Brindley was notified and immediately went down and held an inquest over their remains, and in his verdict exonerates the elevator men from all blame. The two little boys were great friends and nearly always together, and were great favorites among the people of Dana. There was a third boy with them who when he heard his playmates calling for help in the bin, ran downstairs and told a man what was the matter, but he never paid attention to the little fellow and went on about his business. The boy then ran home and told his folks, and they not comprehending the danger of the two made no effort to give the alarm and render assistance. The funeral of the little boys took place on Friday and was very largely attended. Their funeral was preached by Rev. Thomas Griffith, of Montezuma.
[Source:  Carolyn Schwab]

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