Saturday, March 3, 2012

Daniel Dillon - Patriot of the American Revolution

Daniel Dillon, son of Luke Dillon and Susannah Garrett, was born 4 August 1713.  Some records say that Daniel was born at sea while his parents were emigrating from Ireland and others suggest either New England or Pennsylvania as his birth location.  He married Lydia whose name was either Wright or Hodgsdon.  Daniel migrated from Pennsylvania to Virginia then to North Carolina. 

Daniel, a Quaker, contributed financially to the American Revolution and is considered a Patriot whose descendants are eligible for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

While visiting the DAR's library and computer center in Washington, D.C., I printed these scanned vouchers from a DAR membership application.

State of North Carolina   N2530
Salisbury District
This is to certify that Daniel Dillon
____ allowed Seven Pounds Eigteen Shillings
4th day of September ____
Reverse side
D. Dillon

State of North Carolina  N.3742
Salisbury District
__ may certify that Daniel Dillon
____ seventeen pounds eighteen Shillings
___ for public Claims by _____ Board
of Auditors this 23rd Day of August 1783.

Reverse side
Daniel Dillon

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