Monday, October 5, 2015

Irvin Johnston's Estate



p. 79 Orphan’s Court Docket Book M or N #248
Order to sell Real Estate of Irvin Johnston, Late of West Twp., 1880

 Was sold privately to Albert Myton for $4150. confeyied absolute Nov 12, 1880
 J.W. Johnston ex makes the report


Orphan’s Court Docket Book M or N
Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania

Johnston, Irvin
1881 #147 Page 166

Executor ordered to invest $784.34


Account and Report Docket, Book 5
Final Account of J. Wesley Johnston, Executor of Irvin Johnston, Late of West Twp.  Book 5, 1881 No. 205, page 412

The complete Executor’s report is recorded.
Irvin Johnston’s five children, as listed, W. A. Johnston, T. F. Johnston, Howard Johnston, J. Wesley Johnston, and Mary M. Baumgardner, received distributions of 1/5 of 2/3 of his estate, in the amount of  $313.93 each. 

Signed by William A. Johnston for himself and as Grantee of Interest of T.F. Johnston and Howard Johnston; J. Wesley Johnston; and Mary M. Baumgardner.



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