Friday, November 6, 2015

Photo Album by Sallie Dawson, About 1910

I found this photo album among my mother's genealogy collection.  I believe it was made by Sallie Dawson, b.1875, daughter of John William Dawson and his wife, Lucia Baird. 

Front cover

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Father washes out the clothes
Mother hangs them up to dry

Nor will our Dad his milk job shirk
And he must feed our chickens too.
Mother, Mother, Father
Our Young Lady
A graduate
In winter garb
A student
One day in June
Our grandchildren.
Russel, Helen, John.
John D. Jr.
The whole family.
Jessie, Helen, Darkey, Coon, Biddie & her brood (top)
Jessie, Bob, Mother (bottom left)
Mother (Lucia), Nettie (Ben's wife), Ben, Father (John William), Russel, Jessie, Bob. In front, Jno. and Helen.
Yours truly.
Sallie D.


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