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Tombstone Tuesday - "Famous Cartoonist Buried Here"

Weller Rodenberger
McKee Cemetery
Hallowell, Cherokee Co, Kansas
[Photo: Mary Parmele -FindAGrave]
Modern Light
Columbus, Kansas
June 10, 1920
Death of Weller Rodenberger.
     Weller Rodenberger died Friday, June 4, 1920, at his home in Allentown, Pa.  He was the son of Paul and Sarah Rodenberger and was born in Brazil, Ind., August 7, 1860.  He is survived by two brothers, Edgar and B.S. Rodenberger, and one sister, Jeannett Parkinson.  The body was shipped to Columbus from Pennsylvania.  Burial was made in the McKee cemetery at 3:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon.  A short funeral service was held at the cemetery conducted by Reverend. Alphon Goodrick.

Modern Light
Columbus, Kansas
June 17, 1920
Famous Cartoonist Buried Here.
  Newspaper and magazine readers who have enjoyed the cartoons which appeared for many years signed “Rhoda” will be grieved to know that he is dead, and that his remains were brought to Oswego Monday evening for internment [sic] in the McPee cemetery east of town.  Weller Rodenberger,
was the man referred to.  He was born Aug. 7, 1860, at Brail, Indiana, coming to Cherokee county, Kansas, when small and lived for many years near Hallowell.  Later he moved to Oswego and was in the real estate business here with Geo. King.  He took up cartoon work and was employed on such publications as the St. Louis Globe, the Philadelphia Record and Puck and Judge and other magazines.  At the time of his death he was in charge of the circulation department for a number of states on the Philadelphia Record.  He had one brother, Ben, of Kansas City, and a sister, Mrs. Parkinson, of South Bend, Ind., both of whom were here for the funeral which took place at the McGee cemetery, the sermon being preached by Rev. Goodrick, of Columbus.  Archie Rodenberger of Baxter Springs and Ed. Rodenberger of Kansas City, cousins of the deceased were here also.
– Oswego Independent.

Several inaccuracies are in this article.  Weller Rodenberger was interred at McKee cemetery, not McPee.  He was born in Brazil, not Brail, Indiana.  He had two brothers, Ben, of Kansas City, and Ed Rodenberger of Kansas City (not his cousin).  Archie Rodenberger of Baxter Springs was Weller's nephew, not cousin.

Weller had been married, according to the 1910 Federal Census where his marital status was listed a widowed.

On ancestry's website, the 1890 St. Joseph, Missouri City Directory has an entry for Weller Rodenburger with an occupation of artist for the St. Joseph Herald.

I haven't been able to find any of Weller's cartoons.  I would love to see his artwork!

[Death and burial information, for Weller's brother John Edgar and sister Jennette, has been added to the FGS of Paul and Sarah Rodenberger's posting.]

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