Thursday, October 6, 2011

1880 Federal Census - John Greenawalt Household

John and Elizabeth (Rudy) Greenawalt's 1880 Federal Census enumeration.

1880 Federal Census of Barree Twp, Huntingdon Co, Pennsylvania
Detail from the above form of the John Greenawalt household.
John Greenawalt, age 58, with his wife Elizabeth, 64, were enumerated in the 1880 census.  Also living in their household were their granddaughter Ida Wilson, age 17, and their grandson Elwood Johnson, age 2.  All four were born in Pennsylvania as were all their parents.  John is a farmer.

Elwood Johnson is Seibert Ellwood Johnston, the son of Henry Howard and Arminta (Greenawalt) Johnston.  Arminta died the day Seibert Ellwood was born:  16 July 1877.  Arminta was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rudy) Greenawalt.

Ida Wilson was the daughter of was the daughter of Margaret Croyle Greenawalt and Henry Wilson.  Margaret Croyle Greenawalt was Elizabeth (Rudy) Everts' daughter from a relationship with Samuel Croyle following the death of her first husband Philip Everts and prior to her marriage to John Greenawalt.

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