Monday, October 24, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Letters of Guardianship

This application for Letters of Guardianship is somewhat unusual.  Paul and Sarah W Rodenberger were preparing for their move from Clay Co, Indiana to Cherokee Co, Kansas.  For some reason, their two older children, ages 18 and 14, signed their authorization for their father to be their guardian.  Why?  Both parents were living despite the printed word "deceased" on the front placard of the application.
This documents was photocopied at the Clay Co., Indiana Court House in Brazil, Indiana - Fee Docket 2 Guardians (Mar 1867-Sep 1879), Box 26. 
No. 438
Application for Letters of Guardianship of
Paul Rodenbarger
for the minor heir of
Paul & Sarah W Rodenbarger, Deceased.
Filed Apl 18" 1873
Geo E Hubbard, Clerk

The State of Indiana, County of Clay:
  The undersigned applies for Letters of Guardianship on the estate of
John E Rodenbarger, born July 17th, 1855.
Carry J(x-ed out) N. Rodenbarger, born January 6th, 1859.
Paul W. Rodenbarger, born August 7th, 1860.
Cassius L. Rodenbarger, born March 12th, 1862.
Martha A. Rodenbarger, born October 28th, 1864.
Benjamin S. Rodenbarger, born Oct 29th, 1866.
Mary " Rodenbarger, born June 14, 1868.
minors heirs of Paul & Sarah Rodenbarger, late of
Clay County, Indiana; said minor.s
reside in Clay County, Indiana.  The probable
value of their estate is Four hundred Dollars,
as follows, viz:
       Real Estate - - - - - - -$------------
       Personal Estate - - - - $400.00.
that the minors over the age of twenty-one years have
given their consent to my appointment.
                           Paul Rodenberger
   Paul Rodenbarger, swears that the contents
of the above statement are true, as I verily believe.
                           Paul Rodenberger
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 14"day of April, 1872.

We the undersigned mineer heirs of Paul & Sarah
Rodenberger do hereby authorize the clerk of the
Clay Circuit Court to issue letters of guardianship
of our person & property to Paul Rodenberger.
April 12 1873
Sarah W Rodenberger [x-ed out]
C. Nettie Rodenberger
John E. Rodenberger.

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