Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Starting Out

This is my first post.  I am both a quilter and genealogist; although, the genealogy part has been my main focus for the past several years.  Both avocations are similar:  taking pieces and putting together the whole.

Last week I happened upon a book at my local library's genealogy section:  Early Ohio Tax Records compiled by Esther Weygandt Powell.  I searched the index looking for my family's surnames and found a familiar name:  Peter Dice. 

Peter has been most elusive prior to his daughter's wedding on 20 March 1829 in Montgomery Co, OH where Susannah Dice married Samuel Rodenberger.  From the various U.S. Censuses, Peter Dice was born in Pennsylvania around 1766.  Through Susannah (Dice) Rodenberger Anderson's obituary, Peter lived in Lundy's Lane, Canada in 1807.

In the Early Ohio Tax Records, Peter Dice was included in the list:  "1822 and 1823 Taxes Unpaid, Feb. 23, 1825" in Richland Co, Ohio.  Now I have a new area to focus my search for more information on Peter - who was his wife?  did Susannah have siblings?  who were Peter's parents? 

Such an exciting find when I didn't plan on researching my tree!

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