Monday, July 25, 2011

Genealogical Coincidences

It has happened twice this month!  I'm entering data on Find A Grave and decide to search the cemetery's memorials.  A name from my family tree has recently been entered - Elizabeth Digby Dawson.  I did not have a death date nor burial location for Elizabeth.  I began to link some of her children's memorials to Elizabeth's memorial.  I found someone had posted photographs of the individuals on their memorials.  I emailed the contributor and find out that she is a daughter that I didn't know about and we are "cousins" . . . AND she is interested in genealogy.  Both of us have summer travel plans, but hope to share our information soon.

The second time occurred last night.  I had found a book published in 1930 that listed some family names, death dates, and burial locations.  After updating my database, I entered the information on Find A Grave.  I searched, by last name, the site verifying that a memorial had not already been established for one individual at Earlham Cemetery, Richmond, Wayne Co, Indiana and found that his father's memorial had been entered that day.  The same day that I'm entering his children's memorials!  Now I was able to link together more family members.

I just love when some of the puzzle pieces click together so easily!  Don't you?

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