Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unidentified Photos - Dawson, Rodenberger, Spieth?

Edited May 4, 2014 with names to match some of the faces!  Thanks, Sheryll.  This photo of Alba Doyne Craft was the second photo in the original post as mentioned in the comment.  When I added the caption, the photo jumped to the top of the page and I wasn't able to adjust it.

Alba Doyne Craft
On Monday, April 23, 2012, I post four unidentified photos from my mother's collection.  Yesterday, a third cousin of mine contacted me and was able to identify three of the photos:  her grandmother and uncle!  They are descendants of William Wesley Dawson - Thomas Lewis Dawson - William Taylor Dawson - Judge Leighton Dawson.  In hope of more identifications, here are some additional photos. 
Wolf's Studio
Hillsboro, Ill.

Helen Maddock
Westerville, Ill.
Handwritten on lower left corner of cardboard frame, is the name Helen.

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  1. I am wrong about the second baby. My print is labeled Doyne, which means it is Alba Doyne Craft, my uncle. I found a photo of Terrance Maddock's wife labeled "Aunt Ellen." Was Helen their daughter?