Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unidentifed Photos - Dawson, Rodenberger Spieth? Part 2

Terrence Maddock

Possibly Pat Dawson

Dudley Dawson
Bowman Studio
Danville, Ill.

The following two photos could possibly be Lowell Dawson (Judge Lowell Dawson).
Lowell Dawson

Francis Taylor Dawson
Edited May 4, 2014 with photo identifications.

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  1. I believe the first photo might be Terrance Maddock, Judge Lowell Dason's wife Netta's brother. I have a similar photo marked with his name. The young boy might be Pat Dawson, Francis's son. I believe the next to last photo might be Lowell, but I think the last one might be Francis, the older of the two brothers. I have the same photos in my grandmother's box. The photo labeled Bowman Studios I believe to be Dudley Dawson or perhaps a brother. I have a photo of Dudley with similar features.