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Thriller Thursday - The Death of John Laban Dillon

History of Dillon, Fletcher, and Kindred Families by Henry Dillon, Feb. 23, 1909, p.30
"Robert Edmund, one of the twins of Labon and Jane (Holiday) Dillon, married Julia Cully. . . They had the following family:
        Jennie - married Israel Scott
        Ella - married Daniel W. Thompson
        Fred A.
        Carl C.
        Edna - born December 9, 1882, married Charles Inskip.

. . . John is said to have two daughters.  He was killed accidentally in California."

Family Group Sheet of the Robert E and Julia (Cully) Dillon Family, 1970s:  "In her correspondence, Margaret Allen (Source 15) often mentioned the Cully look which all the children except Jen had.  "The Cully dip."  "Jno's build was Cully. Not fat but square looking.  Same head as the others but a pair of large bright blue eyes that were the very finest I have ever seen.  His hair, too, was a gorgeous shade of yellow but was not fluffy as his mothers.  Had a viking look . . . " 
 - Margaret Allen was the widow of Frank B. Dillon, a younger brother of John Laban Dillon, who remarried O.O. Allen. -

Transcription of article -

Contra Costa Gazette
Dec. 14, 1907
Head Blown Off While Out Hunting.

The Accidental Discharge of a Gun Brought About the Death of Jack Dillon.

     Under the date of Dec. 11th, the following telegram was received from Richmond by the Chronicle:
     Jack Dillon of San Francisco, and formerly of Richmond, was killed today while hunting as a result of the accidental discharge of his gun.  When found he lay in the bottom of his boat, his head partly blown off, and his double-barreled shot-gun lying by his side with one barrel discharged.
     Dillon has been in the habit of going to the Sobrante ranches for a day's outing and to shoot ducks on the game preserves held by farmers of the district.  He and his wife went from San Francisco to a ranch last night.  This morning Dillon went to the preserves at an early hour and was to have returned to the ranchhouse at 9 o'clock.  He did not return, and after a time his friends became anxious and instituted a search for him.
     He was located after a short hunt but was dead when found.  It is not known just when the accident happened, as he was alone, and there were no other hunters in the vicinity.  Coroner Abbott was notified at once and has taken charge of the body, which has been brought to Richmond and where an inquest will be held tomorrow.
     Dillon was employed at San Francisco and resided there, but was a short time ago a resident of Richmond.  His brother, Frank Dillon, lives at Richmond and is an employe of the Standard Oil Company in the offices here.

John's father died on 24 November 1908, about 11 months later.  On 6 September 1913,  John L's brother, Carl C Dillon became the local Edgar Co, Illinois guardian for John's children:  Nola Dillon, age 10 yrs and Lawrence Dillon, aged 8 years.  In a 1918 probate document, Nola Dillon and Lawrence Dillon are listed as residents of Walnut Creek in Contra Costa Co, California. 

Located in the probate file at the Edgar Co, Illinois courthouse, were receipts of moneys received.  One, not dated, was for $25.00 from Carl C Dillon, guardian for Nola and Lawrence, to be used for necessities of above minors and was signed by Louise Dillon. 

Another dated February 26, 1914 was signed by Mrs. J. L. Dillon.

The receipt dated 1928, from C C Dillon, guardian of Lawrence Dillon for $107.66 in full, was signed by Lawrence W. Dillon.

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  1. What a sad story and a horrific accident. I'm not very familiar with easy is it to "accidently" shoot one's head off?