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Dillons in the Clovis News-Journal

The Clovis Evening News-Journal
Clovis, New Mexico
Saturday, February 7, 1931
 Page Three

     A group of friends enjoyed the hospitality of the Dr. A. L. Dillon home Thursday evening, when Dr. and Mrs. Dillon entertained with a seven o’clock bridge-dinner, honoring Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Inskip, of Wallace, Ida., their house guests.
     The table was beautifully laid for the dinner, with red sweet peas as the centerpiece and red tapers in crystal holders affording the illuminations.
     Covers were laid for Messrs. And Mesdames Inskip, H.P. Turner, John L. Stevenson, W. F. Swartz, E. R. Cassell, Mesdames J. H. Williams, C.L. Snyder, Miss Gerber, Dr. and Mrs. Dillon, Edmond and Jackson Dillon.
                         [Mrs. C. E. Inskip was A.L. and Fred Dillon’s sister, Edna]

Clovis News-Journal
Clovis, New Mexico
Sunday, September 22, 1940
Front Page

     Doc. A. L. Dillon was very well behaved.  Fellow New Mexico club members probably will be amazed to hear this . . . remembering that at the last meeting, Doc served a friend with cream in his coffee.  Putting in the cream . . . container and all.  Returning home from Vaughn, doc was something of a nuisance singing, but his companions forgave him cause he told some good stories.
Clovis News-Journal
Clovis, New Mexico
Friday, April 7, 1950
Page 16
     A little sidelight on the story of Dr. Jackson C. Dillon, psychiatrist, formerly of Clovis, is the story of his father's absence from the 1918 graduation exercises of Clovis High while he (Dr. A.L. Dillon) was a member of the school board.  Seems like the Doctor just couldn't make the exercises for that was the night the future psychiatrist was born!

Clovis News-Journal
Clovis, New Mexico
Monday, November 5, 1951
Page 2

     Mrs. A.L. Dillon, former Clovis resident now living in South Laguna, Calif., is really enjoying her stay in Clovis and visiting with old friends.
     She was recently entertained at a breakfast by Alice Hall . . . then went to Dallas with her nephew and niece, Edmund and Doris Dillon . . . and after returning to Clovis last week was entertained at a bridge party by Vivian Burran and Camille Vohs . . . then enjoyed all the district three Woman's Club activities during the convention here.
     And while she was in Dallas, Dr. Dillon went to Carlsbad to see their son, Bob, but returned in time to attend the Past Masters night last week.  He got a longer visit with Bob, however, this weekend when Bob came to Clovis to see the folks.

Source:  Newspaper Archive website

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