Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dawson or Dillon Unidentified Photos

I've scanned in more photos.  I think they are from either my Dillon or Dawson lines.  One photo previously identified as Dudley Dawson was included in the envelope.  There was also a post card of The Robinson Art Shop, Clovis, New Mexico where the Dillons lived.

I lean towards Dillon in this photo.  My brother Kenneth in written on the reverse.  In the 1930 Federal  Census, the two sons of Jennie D. (Dillon) Scott were living in Wyoming (Clarence) and Illinois (Kenneth).  Car aficionados:  are those vehicles close to 1930 cars?

Reverse side "My brother Kenneth"

?World War 1?

Alba Ernest Craft
Edited based on identification.  Thank you.

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  1. Pretty sure the last one is not Tally, but rather my grandfather Alba Ernest Craft, married to Gladys Dawson.