Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Johannes "John" Rodenberger

While visiting the Clay Co. Genealogy Society in Center Point, Indiana, I found the following abstract in the Rodenbarger Family File.

Dem. Archives, Oct. 27, 1870
   d. John Rodenbarger, at res, Wash. Twp, Sat. Oct 22, 1870, 86 yrs.  res of twp for more than 25 yrs.  Member German Reform Church. father of 19 ch., step-father of 2 ch.

Johannes was born on 22 July 1785 in Pennsylvania.  His parents were Johann Georg  and Elisabeth (unknown) Rothenberger.  Johannes married Elisabeth prior to 1809 when their son Samuel was born.  Johannes and Elisabeth's first three children (Samuel, Leah, and Rachel) were born in Upper Milford Twp, Northampton Co, Pennsylvania. 

In March of 1829, the Rodenberger family was living near Montgomery Co, Ohio.  In July 1832, Johannes purchased land in Wayne Co, Indiana and sold the property in December 1846.  He purchased land in Clay Co., Indiana in January 1846.  

I believe Elisabeth died while the family was living in Wayne Co, Indiana after the 1840 Federal Census. Johannes married Catharine (March) Schromyer, a widow with two children, between 1842 and 1844.

The September 20, 2011 post has photos of Johannes' gravestone.

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  1. Elizabeth's maiden name was Heimbach. They were married about 1769.

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