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Amanuensis Monday - A brother's farewell to his sister.

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Dr. A.L. Dillon                                                                              Dr. F.A. Dillon
                                                  Drs. Dillon & Dillon
                                                 Clovis, New Mexico

                                                      March 7 - 1944
My Dear Ella,-
          I haven't been doing much this morning but sitting here by the window and looking down upon the street traffic, below.People of our age are more inclined to reflect upon the past rather than to plan for the future.Of course we both know the joys and inspirations of planning and doing,likewise we have had the experience of finishing our lifes chore in a busy world.  I believe we have both recognized this as a part of life's cycle with out undue reluctance--rather, perhaps with grace decorum.We have,each,had a fairly long span of life and been blessed with unusually good health.I have often thought of the declining years as the most beautiful of all life's span,this of course implies good health.I have often takled this phase of life to my patients that they might see and fortify for it.Likewise I have tried to apply it to my self as I am sure you have done.
          In the recent past I have thought much of the life you have lived and the trail you have blazed in upholding the torch of cheer and good will to the world.Your cheerful, busy life with its vast scope of good has ever been an inspiration to me to carry on even tho the going might be hard.It is a consoling tiding that I had you these long years for my sister together with your wonderful inspiration,admonition and comfort.  You have filled your nitch in the world-well,with a firm conviction of justice,mercy and charity for all.How happy I am that I am still your brother.
          To live a clean,useful life is doubtless one of the great privaledges [sic] of man-Yours has been far above the average and so far

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above the average of your youthful associates who,seemingly had greater opportunities.You made your opportunities and succeeded when many less courageous faltered.
          You have raised Julia with rare foresight and devotion,giving the practical side of an education which,only,a wise and thoughtful mother could do.You are rewarded by her comfort and care as she stands by in the hour of need.The greatest privaledge of woman-to reproduce and rear her kind you have done in a magnanimous way;your reward is priceless.
          We,each,had the privaledge of living through the purest democracy our country has ever known.We knew,well,the somber "horse and buggy days;We have seen all this transormed into the modern days and have hade [sic] the joys of sampleing them both.Each decade has brought its joys and comforts.I doubt,had we been give the choice of picking our sojourn on earth we could have seclected a more interesting time than has been alloted us.  I am sure that we are both ready and willing you pass the hilt of our swords to our posterity with a cirm [sic] conviction that they will carry on with honor to them-selves as well as to our memory.
          We have been blessed all these years by the blessings of a glorious world-We ask no more;We are content.
          In our fading twilight of life I stretch out my hand across the vast open sapces[sic] and say Here God Old Pal we have been Pals for a long,long time; We may not always have done our best but we have never done our worst.God Bless you and Good Bye.
          With love of old.I am

Two of the children of Robert E and Julia (Cully) Dillon, Fred was younger by two years to Ella.  Ella (Dillon) Thompson passed away on 6 April 1944 in Houston, Harris Co, Texas.

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